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Light is music that catch your eye and UPO LUCE loves to compose it.
So is how we see it


Through the eyes, we see the world. The light is colours, shades, shadows… music for

the eyes that conveys feelings and makes us perceive one way or another all around us.

This is why in UPO LUCE lighting as the task of shaping the light to create

the feeling that spaces project towards us

What we do


UPO LUCE is an independent studio specialised in lighting design

and lighting projects for both indoor and outdoor environments.

We work in architectural and landscape lighting. We create lighting

to achieve projected light in a personalised way in each space.

And all this always ruled ourselves on criteria of sustainability and

high energy efficiency for commitment to the planet and the economy

of our customer.

Our services


We work lighting for a wide variety of spaces and we are prepared

to face all kinds of projects, however different they may become.

· Houses, gardens

· Restaurants, Hotels

· Offices, Studios

· Workshops, events, ephemeral spaces

· Urban areas

· Shopping and leisure centers, industrial spaces

· In short, in any space you can imagine, we bring light.